June 2013 | Office of the Provost

Systems and Sustainability Education “Camp” – July 22-26

To thrive in a changing world, our kids need to think in systems… and act for a healthy future.
That’s why the Office of Sustainability was excited that Camp Snowball—a summer “camp” experience that brings together students, parents, educators, and business and community leaders in order to build everyone’s capacity for learning and leading in the 21st century — chose Wake Forest as a venue.
The purpose of Camp Snowball is to provide opportunities for communities and schools to learn how to enable their students to think deeply and critically and to achieve academically in order to become responsible, thoughtful citizens of the interconnected  world that they will inherit.
Who should attend:
Camp Snowball is designed for both individuals and teams. We encourage communities and school systems to put together diverse teams that include:
• Educators—Teachers and Administrators
• Students
• Parents
• School Board Members
• Community Members
• Business and Government Leaders
• Staff and Volunteers from Youth-Service Organizations
July 22-26, 2013
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC