Soliciting Nominations for Both Student and Faculty Shoonmaker Awards

We are now accepting nominations for the 2016 recipients of the Schoonmaker Faculty and Student Prizes for Community Service.  A committee comprised of faculty, administrators and alumni will meet this fall to determine this year’s recipients.  Please send your nominations to Kelly McConnico by Thursday, October 15, 2015.

Through this award, the Alumni Council seeks to honor faculty members whose records for community service are exemplary. Community service for this award is defined as service to the greater community, the University community or a combination of the two. In the summer of 1993, the award was named in memory of the late Don Schoonmaker ‘60, Professor of Politics and the 1993 recipient of the Faculty Prize for Community Service.

The student award was established in 2007 by the family and friends of Professor Schoonmaker. With the student award, the university also recognizes those students with outstanding community service records.

Please include specific information about how your nominee has served the Wake Forest community and/or the community at large. Selection will be based on the following criteria:  amount of involvement, actions taken, achievements and impact on the community.  Please limit the information submitted for each candidate to no more than two pages.  You may re-nominate any candidate from a previous year whom you would like to have considered again by simply updating your letter. Please keep in mind that nominees typically are not selected on the first attempt and we encourage you to submit the name again.

Thank you very much for the many nominations we received last year for the Schoonmaker Faculty Prize for Community Service.  The past recipients of The Schoonmaker Faculty Award are Professor, Mary Dalton, Professor Ulrike Wiethaus, Professor Anne Boyle, Professor Herman Eure, Professor Emeritus Jack Fleer, Professor Susan H. Borwick, Professor Ellen Kirkman, Professor Paul Ribisl, Professor Katy Harriger, Professor Stephen Boyd, Professor Charles Richman, Professor Thomas Taylor, Professor Andrew Ettin, Professor Richard Sears, Professor Willie Pearson, Professor Peter Weigl, Professor John Litcher, Professor Howell Smith, Professor Donald Frey, Professor Richard Barnett, Professor Deborah L. Best, Professor John Earle, Professor Marcellus Waddill, Professor J. Edwin Hendricks, the late Professor Donald L. Schoonmaker, Professor Ivey Gentry, Professor Herman Eure and Professor Anne Boyle. Past student awardees are Bentrice Jusu (’13), Amy Liang (’12), Lisa Northrop (’11), A. J. Warr (’10), Grace Johnson (’09), Jordan A. Jones (’08), Sebastian Ehreiser (’07) and Emily Goodson (’07),.

The recipients of the 2016 awards will be announced to members of the Wake Forest community during Founders’ Day Convocation. Cash awards will also accompany both honors.

Please feel free to contact Patricia Boone, ( / x4278) if you have questions concerning the nomination process. Thank you for your support of theSchoonmaker Faculty and Student Prizes for Community Service.

Best regards,

Rebecca Thomas                                                                              Kelly Meachum McConnico (’00)

Senior Associate Dean of Faculty                                                 Executive Director, Alumni Engagement


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