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Bioethics, Health, and Society

Ana Iltis

Considering the breadth and diversity of bioethics, the Center has a wide-ranging mandate rather than a focused and particularized research agenda in order to respond nimbly to the most pressing issues. Nonetheless, the Center focuses on three core themes to avoid dilution of efforts.

The Center’s primary activities fall into three broad thematic categories that reflect the strengths and interests of Wake Forest University and of Center faculty: the three themes are Biotechnology, Social Justice, and Public Engagement.  These themes serve as organizing principles for different activity types and reflect the issues and activities that have the highest interest and support within the WFU and regional communities.

Nancy King

Nancy King

The Center examines and addresses the implications of these foci while also recommending improvements in health reform and developing innovative methods for public information sharing.

Students in the MA in Bioethics program both benefit from and contribute to the opportunities and resources offered through the CBHS.

CBHS supports faculty development, course development, bioethics projects, visiting scholars, and scholarly programming for students and the Triad community. CBHS membership information and a proposal application form are available on the CBHS website, as is extensive information about past, current, and upcoming Center activities.

Mark Hall

Mark Hall

Ana Iltis (Philosophy) is the  Center’s Faculty Director, along with Nancy King (Public Health Sciences) as the Faculty Co-Director and Mark Hall (Law), Chair of the Center’s Steering Committee.

Visit the Center for Bioethics, Health, and Society’s web site for more information.