Center for Enterprise Research and Education

The Center for Enterprise Research and Education (CERE) is directed by Ajay Patel, GMAC Chair in Finance of the Schools of Business; Anthropology Professor Jeanne Simonelli; Religion Professor Ulrike Wiethaus; and Elizabeth Gatewood, Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship.

It builds on WFU projects and training programs in Benin, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nicaragua, and the Chiapas region of Mexico to establish WFU as the leader in entrepreneurial research, practice, and education in developing countries. Its first task is to develop a comprehensive methodology to assess the needs of entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for education and enterprise development programs and to determine the impact that culture, political systems, religion, environmental conditions and participant differences have on those needs. Its ultimate goal is to identify training and micro-enterprise development models that are appropriate and effective in different cultural settings.