Student Support Services


Wake Forest University is a vibrant and caring campus community which provides all undergraduate and graduate students with support during times of stress or uncertainty. Academic, technical, emotional, and health related services are available at all times during the academic year and the summer months. Please visit individual department websites for detailed information on services and support.

Please choose from the options below:

Academic and Career Services

Health and Wellness Services

Safety and Security Services

Financial Services

Academic and Career Services

Learning Assistance Center and Disability Services

  • If a student has a disability and is requesting academic accommodations;
  • If a student appears to be struggling with keeping up with academic demands and may benefit from meeting with a counselor to work on organization, time management and study strategies. Math Center; Writing Center; Chemistry Clinic.

Contact: Michael Shuman, Interim Director, Learning Assistance Center (x5929)

Z. Smith Reynolds Library

  • If a student needs help with research for a paper or project, use the Personal Research Session request form or visit the Reference Desk on the 4th floor of the Wilson Wing;
  • If a student needs help with citations or has other research and library related questions, visit the ASK page.

Contact: Rosalind Tedford, Director of Research and Instruction (x5910)

The Bridge

  • If a student has computer problems, they may bring their computer to the Bridge, on the main floor of the library, just off the Atrium.

Contact: Doug Yorke,

The Office of Academic Advising

  • If a student needs assistance with course registration or course choices;
  • If a student is struggling academically and would like an academic counselor.

Contact: Christy Buchanan, Associate Dean, Academic Advising (x3320)

Office and Career and Personal Development

  • If a student would like assistance editing their resume or practicing for an interview;
  • If a student wants to take self-assessment tests to discover potential career paths;
  • If a student wants to connect with a network of alumni in a particular city.

Contact: Mercy Eyadiel, Office of Personal and Career Development

Student Health and Wellness Services

The George C. Mackie Health Center

  • If a student is suffering from a physical illness;
  • If a student needs international travel consultations or vaccinations;
  • If a student needs health education on nutrition, eating disorders or stress management.

Contact: Cecil D. Price, Director of Student Health (x5218)

Substance Abuse Prevention and Counseling

  • If a student needs personal assistance in overcoming alcohol or drug addiction;
  • If a student requires counseling due to substance abuse by friends or family members.

Contact: Lavi Wilson, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator (x4371)

University Counseling Center

  • If a student or group is in need of counseling or support or is suffering from an acute mental illness.

Contact: James Raper, Director of the University Counseling Center (x5273)

Chaplain’s Office

  • If a student is in need of pastoral counseling;
  • If a student needs assistance with rites of passage, such as weddings, funerals and memorial services.

Contact: Tim Auman, Chaplain or email (x5017)

The Women’s Center

LGBTQ Center

Office of Multicultural Affairs

  • If a first generation, student of color, or transfer student needs additional support;
  • If a student feels he or she has been subjected to discriminatory action on campus.

Contact: Celina Alexander, Program Coordinator, Multicultural Affairs (x5864)

Student Safety and Security Services

University Police

If a student appears to be in danger or is posing a threat to himself, herself or others, contact:

Regina Lawson, Chief, University Police, CARE Team Coordinator (x4963)

Victim Assistance

If a student is a victim of a crime and needs support throughout the criminal justice process, contact:

Laurel Banks, Program Coordinator, University Police (x4963)

Title IX Office

Silent Witness Program

If a student wishes to submit anonymous information regarding a suspicious person, activity or campus crime, please direct them to this anonymous form.

Financial Services

Student Assistance Fund:

If an undergraduate student needs assistance with small scale payments for course related expenses or academic testing, contact:

Christy Buchanan, Associate Dean, Academic Advising (x3320)

Office of Multicultural Affairs

If a student needs financial assistance traveling home for an emergency, contact:

Celina Alexander, Program Coordinator, Multicultural Affairs (x5864)

Financial Aid Office

  • If a student requires assistance on personal budgeting, money management or completing financial aid applications;
  • If a student need help choosing the best loan programs;
  • If a student wants to discuss future financial implications of educational loan borrowing; contact:

Bill Wells, Director of Financial Aid (x5154)