Events and Initiatives to Foster an Equitable and Inclusive WFU

Calendar of Upcoming Events and Initiatives to Foster an Equitable and Inclusive WFU


For more information contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion


302 Reynolda Hall | 336.758.3824 | email:


Fall 2014 Events and Initiatives:


Date                           Description                                                                               Contact


10.14                            A Glimpse of Africa: Five Cultures from the Continent           Museum of Anthropology


10.14                            Scrabible: A Trans-denominational Scrabble Challenge         Office of the Chaplain


10.18                            WS Pride Festival                                                                             LGBTQ Center


10.19                            WS Pride Parade                                                                               LGBTQ Center


10.20                            National Day on Writing: “Write My Community”                  Writing Center


10.23                            Diwali Festival of Lights                                                                 Office of the Chaplain


10.23                            Multicultural Counseling Competency Training                       University Counseling Center


10.29                            Love is Love Celebration, Green Room                                       LGBTQ & Dean of the College


10.30                            LGBTQ Community Forum                                                           LGBTQ Center


10.31-11.9                   Clybourne Park Theater Production                                           Sharon Andrews


11.3                              “Last Chance for Justice” T.K. Thorne                                          Norma-May Isakow (PHI)


11.3                              Deliberative Dialogue                                                                       Marianne Magjuka (PHI)


11.5-11.7                       Walls Fall Down                                                                               German Dept and PHI


11.7-9                           President’s Leadership Conference                                              Margaret Mulkerrin (Student Govt)


11.7                              $tart $mart Salary Negotiation Workshop (for students)       Women’s Center (WC)


11.10                            Building Community for Common Good                                     Norma-May Isakow (PHI)


11.11                            Story Night: Personal Reflections                                                  LGBTQ Center, OMA, WC


with Dr. Mary Foskett & Dr. Barbee Oakes(for undergraduate women)


11:13                            “Voices of the Generations”  Julie Kohner                                  Norma-May Isakow (PHI)


11:13                            Daffodil Project Planting                                                                 Norma-May Isakow (PHI)


11.13                            Journeys to Success: Satcha Pretto                                               Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)


11.17                            Engaged Teaching Luncheon Discussion (for faculty)              Norma-May Isakow (PHI)


11.21                            NC Diversity & Inclusion Partners (NCDIP) Conference         Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI)


11.28                           Representing the Other:  Poverty in America                             Norma-May Isakow (PHI)


12.2                              “Between the Secular and the Sectarian: Malcolm X               Politics and International Affairs, OMA


Travels the Arab World” Lecture by Alex Lubin


12.7                              50th Anniversary of Love Feast                                                    Office of the Chaplain




Spring 2015 Events and Initiatives:


Date                         Description                                                                    Contact


1.15                              Teach-In                                                                                Humanities Institute


1.18                              Gospelfest Featuring Tasha Cobbs                                  Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)


1.19                              Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday                                      Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)


1.22                              Lecture by Dr. Kevin Cokley                                             AJC Center, Magnolia Scholars


1.23                              Deac Tank                                                                            Melissa Harris-Perry, Sara Kugler


2.4                                Workshop on Intercultural Skills Enhancement (WISE)    Global Programs and Studies


2.3                                Religious Extremism Panel                                              Office of the Chaplain


2.20-22                       Social Justice Retreat (Branches)                                   Pro Humanitate Institute


3.3                                Laverne Cox                                                                         LGBTQ Center, OMA, Women’s Center


3.9-13                           Civil Rights Bus Tour                                                        Pro Humanitate Institute, OMA


3.9-12                           Winter Institute For Intercultural Communication (WIIC)    Shayla Herndon Edmunds


3.26-27                         Gender, Health & The South conference                       AJC Center


Spring                          Journeys to Success                                                            Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)


Spring                          Latino Awareness Week                                                     OLAS, OMA


Spring                          Chinese New Year                                                                ASIA, OMA


Spring                          Asian Spring Festival                                                          Japanese Studies Club, OMA


Spring                          Cherokee Language Exhibit                                               OMA, Museum of Anthropology


Spring                          Women’s Leadership Symposium (for students)          Office of the Dean of Students, WC


Spring                          Women In… – lunch panel with women in                     Women’s Center


non-traditional fields (for students)


Spring                          Anna Julia Cooper lecture ft. Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt  AJC Center


April 29                      Lavender Graduation




On-going Initiatives:


Day/Date                       Description                                                                  Contact


Fall & Spring                 GateKeepers Diversity Education Workshops                 Shayla Herndon Edmunds


Fall & Spring                 Safe Zone Training (Thursdays)                                          Rob Powell, LGBTQ Center


Fall & Spring                 Dinner & Dialogue -exploring experiences as women     Women’s Center


at Wake Forest (for female undergraduates)


Fall & Spring                 T.G.I.Feminism – brown bag lunch discussion                 Women’s Center


Fourth Friday — the series examining a current issue through a feminist lens (for students, faculty, and staff)


Fall & Spring                 The Water Cooler — weekly open conversation hour       Women’s Center


about gender in daily life(for students, faculty, and staff)


Fall & Spring                 Working Women @ Wake – brown bag lunch series         Women’s Center


focused on factors that shape women’s personal & professional development (for female faculty & staff)


Fall                               Sabbath Dinner – Jewish Lounge on Fridays                         Office of the Chaplain


Fall                               Muslim prayers – Fridays @ 1                                                    Office of the Chaplain


Fall                               Christian Campus ministry meetings Weekly                        Office of the Chaplain


Fall                               Interfaith Youth Core                                                                  Office of the Chaplain


Fall & Spring             Global Online Learning Development (GOLD)                      Pro Humanitate Institute


Mentoring Program


Fall & Spring                 Sustained Dialogue groups                                                      Pro Humanitate Institute


Fall & Spring                 Global Service Immersion                                                       Pro Humanitate Institute


Fall & Spring                 Collegiate Trust Talks                                                               ODI/University Police


Fall                                  Advancing Interfaith Cooperation on Campus:                  Office of the Chaplain


Assessment & Visioning for Interfaith Leadership


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