The Cowan Faculty Research Prize

The Cowan Faculty Research Prize was established in 2001 by Thomas V.E. Cowan, Jr., (’72) a member of the Babcock Graduate School of Management Board of Visitors.   The award is presented annually to a member of the Schools of Business faculty who represents the highest standards of academic research.

Thomas Cowan  is president of VECKER Institute, an organization that provides CEOs and entrepreneurs with software applications, investment capital, and appropriate methods and tools to help build and run successful businesses.   Mr. Cowan has worked in the technology industry for over twenty years and has experience building companies of all sizes – from OutlookSoft, to Tivoli Systems, to the Communications and Media Sector of IBM.

In addition to his responsibilities at VECKER, Mr. Cowan serves on many different boards in a variety of capacities.  He is Chair of Vcommerce Corporation, Chair of Tagetik North America (a private technology company based in Italy), and serves on the boards of Vcommerce, Tagetik, SMTC (a public technology manufacturer in Canada), The Stables (a private infrastructure company in Arizona), RMS (a private media company in Florida), OBT (a private technology company in New York) and Cormont (an arts related non-profit organization in New Hampshire).

He has also served as Chair of the Board of Visitors of Wake Forest University’s Graduate School of Management and on the boards of OutlookSoft, Tivoli Systems, and