The Reid-Doyle Prize for Excellence in Teaching

A.C. Reid

Philosophy professor A.C. Reid

The Reid-Doyle Prize for Excellence in Teaching was established in 1971 and renamed in 1986 in recognition of the generosity of the late Wilbur Doyle (’48), who endowed the prize to honor his philosophy professor, A.C. Reid.  Each year, a faculty member who is still in the early part of his or her career is recognized with the prize.

Dr. Reid was born in Davidson County, North Carolina in 1894 and graduated from Wake Forest College in 1917.  He earned his PhD at Cornell University in 1923, and then returned to Wake Forest to teach psychology and philosophy.  He was a cherished member of the Wake Forest faculty until 1965 and made a name for himself through both his teaching and his research.  Professor and Chair of Philosophy Ralph Kennedy has noted that “A.C. Reid was by all accounts a wonderful and tremendously influential teacher of psychology and philosophy, a fierce opponent of relativism and nihilism in all their guises, and a champion of the classical and Christian virtues.”  Reid was awarded the Medallion of Merit, the University’s highest and most prestigious honor, in 1979, and a bell in the carillon in Wait Chapel is engraved with the citation, “I sing of A.C. Reid, whose gentle spirit and flashing mind stirred the hearts and illuminated the minds of many generations of students.”  Dr. Reid is also remembered through an endowed Albert Schweitzer Fellowship that supports a Wake Forest student working in service to his or her neighbors each year.

Current Recipient: Michael Sloan, Department of Classical Languages

Past recipients:

2015-2016 — Tina Boyer, Assistant Professor of German
2014-2015 — Timo Thonhauser , Physics
2013-2014 — Jennifer B. Erway, Mathematics
2012-2013 — Oana Diana Jurchescu, Physics
2011-2012 — Wayne Pratt, Psychology
2010-2011 — Jessica Richard, English
2009-2010 — Erik Johnson, Biology
2008-2009 — Christian Miller, Philosophy
2007-2008 — Paul Thacker, Anthropology
2006-2007 — Errin Fulp, Computer Science
2005-2006 — Brook Davis, Theatre and Dance
2004-2005 — Martin Guthold, Physics
2003-2004 — Hugh Howards, Mathematics
2002-2003 — Peter Siavelis, Political Science
2001-2002 — Christa L. Colyer, Chemistry
2000-2001 — Nina M. Lucas, Theatre (Dance)
1999-2000 — Gordon E. McCray, Calloway
1998-1999 — Jeffrey D. Lerner, History
1997-1998 — Michele S. Ware, English
1996-1997 — Helga Welsh, Politics
1995-1996 — James T. Powell, Classical Languages
1994-1995 — Simone Caron, History
1993-1994 — Page Laughlin, Art
1992-1993 — Claudia N. Thomas, English
1991-1992 — Alton B. Pollard, Religion
1990-1991 — Antonio Vitti, Romance Languages
1989-1990 — Stephen B. Boyd, Religion
1988-1989 — Ann Boyle, English
1987-1988 — Katy Harriger, Politics
1986-1987 — Susan P. McCaffray History; Barry G. Maine, English
1985-1986 — Saguiv Hadari, Politics; Carole L. Browne, Biology
1984-1985 — Catherine T. Harris, Sociology
1983-1984 — Deborah L. Best, Psychology
1982-1983 — Susan C. Jackels, Chemistry; James Dodding, Theatre
1981-1982 — George E. Matthews (Rick), Physics
1980-1981 — David S. Weaver,Anthropology
1979-1980 — Elmer K. Hayashi,Mathematics
1978-1979 — Ralph C. Wood, Jr., Religion
1977-1978 — Alan J. Williams,History
1976-1977 — Ronald L. Blankespoor,Chemistry
1975-1976 — William C. Kerr, Physics; Fred L. Horton, Religion
1974-1975 — Roger A. Hegstrom, Chemistry
1973-1974 — Patricia Johansson, English
1972-1973 — James P. Barefield, History
1971-1972 — Peter D. Weigl, Biology; John C. Moorhouse, Economics
1970-1971 — Jon M. Reinhardt, Politics; David K. Evans, Anthropology