Strengthen Connections to Communities Beyond Campus

Wake Forest has cultivated relationships with the local and regional area by hosting several community events on campus, including the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Civil Rights Sit-in Demonstrations in Winston-Salem. The newly implemented Pro Humanitate Honor Roll program encourages Wake Forest students to volunteer in the area by recognizing those who log over 50 service hours. Also, the number of Wake Alternative Break trips has doubled since the 2009-2010 school year.

The University’s Institute of Public Engagement launched a successful K-12 Public School initiative and leadership program for K-12 principals – a project which creates strong partnerships between Wake Forest campus and the surrounding public schools. In 2010, a new grant program for faculty research was launched which resulted in collaborations between Wake Forest and WSSU, UNC-G and NCA&T. The University also teamed with local colleges and universities including WSSU, UNC School of the Arts, Salem College, Forsyth Technical Community College and Winston-Salem International Business Council, in an effort for Internationalizing Winston-Salem which focuses on Africa in the inaugural year. Joining WSSU, UNCSA, and Salem College, Wake Forest continues to develop The Quad and hosted its 2010-2011 conference.

Wake Forest’s new campus in uptown Charlotte strengthens the University’s connections with the regional community. In January 2010, the Schools of Business shall begin hosting their Charlotte programs in the Bank of America and plans to move other programs to this location in the near future.

Highlighting the importance of arts in the community, Wake Forest recently founded the Arts Committee for Strategic Planning for Arts and Culture which has already put several initiatives in place, including a new Arts website and the START gallery. Also, the Performance in the Liberal Arts (PLACe) group has received a two-year planning grant.

Enriching and expanding our International Focus and Efforts is very important to the Wake Forest community. In support of this mission, Wake Forest created a Global Advisory Board in 2010 and launched a Nicaragua Nexus and student center in Managua, Nicaragua. New study programs to Chile, Argentina, India and parts of Africa have been launched since summer 2010, and four international service trips continue to take place to Moscow, India (Calcutta), South Africa, and Vietnam. To enhance the University’s overseas relations, we have created a Wake Forest in the World web page and have hired an international admissions counselor who annually conducts recruiting trips to Europe, Latin America and Asia. As a testament to our developing relations abroad and expanding recruitment efforts, Wake Forest’s international student population has recently increased from 1% to 4%, and over 300 applications were received from China last year alone. The 2010-2011 year also saw the creation of a World Events Response Committee to develop the University’s reaction to international crises that will include academic programs and/or service projects. The University is currently seeking funding for its new Global Scholars Program, designed to further enrich our International Focus and Efforts.

Wake Forest has established an Alumni College and is strengthening its Alumni Career

Assistance Program in the Office of Career Services by launching a LinkedIn Career Connectors group in March 2001 which had over 1,000 members in its first 24 hours (Over 23,000 people have a Wake Forest connection on LinkedIn). There are also plans for an Alumni Executive-in-Resident program.