Announcing the Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellows initiative is set to be launched fall 2013.  In early January, the inaugural group of Faculty Fellows was announced.  Together, those selected will work to increase faculty-student engagement, integrate intellectual experiences with social experiences, and enhance the sense of community at Wake Forest.

Senior Faculty Fellows:

Katy Harriger, Professor and Department Chair, Department of Politics and International Affairs

Barbara Lentz, Associate Professor of Legal Analysis, School of Law

John Llewellyn, Associate Professor, Department of Communication

José Villalba, Associate Professor, Department of Counseling

Mary Dalton, Professor, Department of Communication

Cindy Gendrich, Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance

Associate Faculty Fellows:

Tanya Marsh, Assistant Professor, School of Law

Susan Rupp, Associate Professor, Department of History

Hu Womack, Associate Librarian, Instruction and Outreach

Susan Faust, Adjunct Instructor, Department of Communication

Evelyn Williams, Professor of Practice, Schools of Business, and Associate Vice President, Leadership Development

Holly Brower, Associate Professor, Schools of Business

Nina Lucas, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance

Steve Gunkel, Lecturer, Department of Sociology

Ana-María Wahl, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Swati Basu, Research Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Ananda Mitra, Professor, Department of Communication

Jacque Fetrow, Dean of the College and Reynolds Professor of Computational Biophysics

Sam Gladding, Professor and Department Chair, Department of Counseling

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