Quality Enhancement Plan

What is a QEP?

QEP stands for Quality Enhancement Plan and presents an opportunity for us to enhance student experiences at WFU. It is a multi-year investment in an initiative that arises from our Strategic Framework and aims to improve student learning and/or success. The QEP is a requirement for SACSCOC accreditation, and provides an effective structure to bring a project to fruition and make it sustainable as a long-term gain for our students. We hope you will take part in the QEP topic selection this year.

Who is involved in QEP selection?

Students, faculty, and staff can all play a role, from contributing a topic idea in the student learning and support ideas survey or submitting a proposal to participating in feedback on the top proposals later this year.

What was our previous QEP?

Wake Forest’s 2016 QEP Transcending Boundaries: Building a Global Campus Community established four key initiatives: Arrive@Wake (Connect@Wake) for incoming international students to facilitate their transition across cultures; Global AWAKEnings, a first-year abroad program; Global Villages as living/learning communities focused on global mindedness; and the Global Laureates Academy, a network of faculty and staff exploring topics and challenges in global learning.

In September 2023, Wake Forest University will send out a call to all Wake Forest faculty and staff for proposals to identify its next Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Wake Forest’s QEP will reflect and affirm our commitment to enhance overall institutional quality and effectiveness.  The QEP will focus on an issue that aligns with our Mission and Strategic Framework Thematic Goals and improves student success. 

  • All Wake 2026 QEP proposals need to …
    • Support Wake Forest’s Mission and align with at least one Strategic Framework Thematic Goal:
      • Communities of Learning: Wake Forest will be a lifelong learning community that calls all to develop their full potential to contribute in a diverse and complex world.
      • Communities of Inquiry: Wake Forest will foster a community of inquiry through research, scholarship, and creative work that transcends boundaries to address the challenges facing humanity and our world.
      • Community of Partnerships: Wake Forest will build meaningful, mutual partnerships to honor our commitment to the wellbeing of our local, regional and global communities.
    • Be specific as to what its programmatic goals are.
    • Provide an early estimate of realistic resources needed for successful implementation.
    • Describe how the proposal seeks to develop opportunities for novel or enhanced partnerships among units to foster radical collaboration.  
    • Recommend QEP leader(s), if different from the proposal author(s).
    • Be reviewed by the SACSCOC On-Site Reaffirmation Committee in spring 2026.
    • Provide a written update to SACSCOC on the the progress and achievements of the QEP as part of Wake Forest’s Fifth-Year Interim Report, due March 2032.

More information on how to submit a QEP proposal will be available on Sept. 25, 2023.

Reaffirmation Overview

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QEP Info Sessions

Thinking about submitting a proposal? Attend an info session to learn more.

  • Friday, Oct. 6 | 3:00-4:00 pm | Sutton Center, A330
  • Tuesday, Oct. 17 | 3:00-4:00 pm | Virtual (Register here)
  • Thursday, Nov. 2 | 3:00-4:00 pm | Sutton Center, A330

SACSCOC requires each university, during its reaffirmation, to develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The QEP is to reflect and affirm the institution’s commitment to enhance overall institutional quality and effectiveness.

SACSCOC standard 7.2 states the QEP:

  • has a topic identified through its ongoing, comprehensive planning and evaluation processes;
  • has broad-based support of institutional constituencies;
  • focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student success;
  • commits resources to initiate, implement, and complete the QEP; and
  • includes a plan to assess achievement.

SACSCOC anticipates that the QEP will become an ingrained part of the institution’s activity and culture. Wake Forest’s 2016 QEP Transcending Boundaries: Building a Global Campus Community, accomplished this through its four key initiatives: Arrive@Wake (retitled, Connect@Wake) continues to be offered at the beginning of each academic year for incoming international students to facilitate the ease and success of their transition across cultures; Global AWAKEnings, designed to develop global mindsets through a first-year abroad program, was offered for four years and is currently being revamped to better meet student interest and needs; Global Villages are living and learning communities focused on global mindedness and have been thriving in the residence halls for five years; and the Global Laureates Academy, which is a network of faculty and staff who aim to make an impact on the Wake Forest community by exploring topics and challenges associated with global learning, has certified five cohort groups since 2017.