Vice President, Personal & Career Development

In a competitive and dynamic employment market, is there a way to help college students develop the flexibility and nimbleness needed for success in the workforce? Andy Chan says yes. An advocate for liberal arts education, Chan can comment on how broad exposure to a wide range of disciplines in a liberal arts curriculum helps develop the critical thinking skills and entrepreneurial mindset that are key to success in today’s rapidly changing world.

Under Chan’s leadership, Wake Forest has become the national model for creating a college-to-career community designed to prepare students to live lives that matter, not just secure a first job after graduation. He can discuss how employees’ contributions in today’s corporate culture differ from those of the 20th Century and the top skills employers are seeking in both established businesses and start-ups.

In addition to building transformational opportunities in career development and nurturing higher education cultures to embrace entrepreneurial, innovative thinking, Chan has expertise in the fundraising it takes to make change possible.