At Wake Forest University, our dedication to the Pro Humanitate mission is unwavering. One of the ways we embody this mission is by championing a vibrant community of inquiry, where research, scholarship, and creativity flourish. Our faculty are at the heart of this endeavor, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and artistic expression, driving forward not just the University, but the broader global community.

Understanding the pivotal role that research and scholarship play in our academic community, the Office of the Provost is proud to stand by our faculty throughout their journey of exploration. We’re more than just supporters; we’re collaborators, dedicated to providing the necessary resources and tools that catalyze breakthroughs. Through our unwavering support, we strive to empower our teacher-scholars to venture beyond traditional academic and institutional confines, generating fresh insights and pioneering solutions to some of the most pressing challenges of our times.

We believe that the most transformative ideas emerge when diverse minds converge. Thus, whether our faculty are investigating local, national, or global challenges, we ardently encourage multidisciplinary collaborations. By fostering innovative partnerships that span disciplines and schools, we help create a fertile ground for discovery. Our Centers and Institutes play a crucial role in this, acting as nexus points where ideas intertwine and evolve, ensuring that Wake Forest remains at the forefront of academic and creative excellence.