University Committees

A number of committees and advisory boards report to the Office of the Provost.  Representing various facets of the Wake Forest University community, these bodies help guide and strengthen the University’s curricular and co-curricular offerings in pursuit of achieving its strategic initiatives.  For more information about a specific committee or advisory board, please contact the chairperson directly.

The roles, responsibilities, and membership of each committee may be found on pages 35-43 in the current version of the Faculty Handbook.

The Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility

  • Jill Crainshaw, School of Divinity
  • Frank Perrino, School of Medicine
  • Gale Sigal, English—Division I
  • Jack Wilkerson, School of Business
  • Mark Knudson, School of Medicine
  • Wendy Parker, School of Law
  • Rick Harris, School of Business
  • Sarah Jeong, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
  • Sonia Crandall, School of Medicine
  • Tanya Marsh, School of Law
  • Tanya Zanish-Belcher, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
  • Mary Friedman, Romance Languages—Division III

The Capital Projects Advisory Committee


  • Hof Milam, Chair
  • Steve Adams, Athletics
  • Laura Giovanelli, Wake Forest College
  • Beth Hoagland, Office of the Provost
  • Minta McNally, Advancement
  • John Shenette, Facilities and Campus Services

Professional Schools and ZSR Library Faculty

  • Bill Davis, School of Business
  • TBD, School of Law
  • Dixie Ross, School of Divinity
  • Mary Beth Lock, ZSR Library

College Faculty

  • Wanda Balzano, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Debbie Best, College
  • Michaelle Browers, College
  • Dean Franco, English
  • Mary Wayne-Thomas. Theater & Dance

Staff Advisory Council

  • Mandy Martin. Campus Recreation
  • Leigh Myers, Campus Programs & Services

Student Representatives

  • Carolyn Wright
  • Maya Dalton

The Committee on Information Technology

Faculty or Staff appointed by Provost Office:

  • Sally Irvin, Law School Library, 2022
  • Karen Frekko, Business School IT, 2020
  • Don Shegog, ITG, 2020
  • Hannah Inzko, IS, 2020, Co-Chair
  • Tony Marsh, ODOC, 2022
  • Thomas Dowling, ZSR IT, 2020
  • Harold Pace, Provost’s Office, 2020
  • Betsey Barre, TLC, 2020
  • Chris Zaluski, Teaching Online, 2022

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Brent Babb, Chair of Learning Spaces Initiative Team
  • Steven Wicker, Chair of LMS Initiative Team

Faculty elected or appointed by their schools or divisions: 

  • Emily Austin (Div 1), 2020
  • Molly Knight (Div 2), 2020
  • Jacqui Carrasco (Div 3), 2021
  • Brian Calhoun (Div 4), 2021, Co-Chair
  • Pete Santago (Div 5), 2022
  • Kyle Denlinger, ZSR, 2022
  • Melva Samson, School of Divinity, 2020
  • Brian Young, School of Business, 2020
  • William Turkett, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 2021
  • N/A, School of Law

Staff Liaisons:

  • Sophia Bredice, IS
  • John Bowers, IS
  • Mella Tesfazgi, Wake Forest Fellow, IS

The Committee on Library Planning

  • Brook Davis, Chair
  • College Dean (Michelle Gillespie) or designate (Tony Marsh)
  • Dean of the Library (Tim Pyatt) or designate
  • Rogan Kersh
  • Brad Jones
  • Tina Boyer
  • Terry Baker
  • Ke Zhang
  • Stephen Boyd
  • Brook Davis
  • John Petrocelli
  • Katherine Shaner
  • Ryan Howard
  • Fadi Marayati
  • Student Voting
  • Student Non-voting

The Committee on the Center for the Advancement of Teaching

  • Scott Baker, Education
  • Lynn Book, Theatre and Dance
  • Lindsay Comstock-Ferguson, Chemistry
  • Thomas Frank, Dean, Continuing Studies, Wake Forest Graduate School
  • Adam Friedman, Education
  • Amanda Kaufmann, ZSR
  • Zak Lancaster, English
  • Representative Pending, School of Law
  • Lynn Neal, Religion
  • Elizabeth Nolan, School of Business
  • Eric Stottlemyer, Engaged Liberal Arts, Wake Forest College
  • Neal Walls, School of Divinity

The Deans’ Council

Current Members

  • Rogan Kersh, Provost
  • Michele Gillespie, Dean – Wake Forest College
  • Charles Iacovou, Dean – School of Business
  • Jonathan Walton, Dean – School of Divinity
  • Tim Pyatt, Dean – ZSR
  • Jane Aiken, Dean – School of Law
  • Brad Jones, Dean, Graduate School; Reynolda Campus
  • Dwayne Godwin, Dean – Graduate School (School of Medicine campus)
  • Julie Ann Freischlag, M.D., Dean – School of Medicine
  • Terry Hales, School of Medicine

The Grievance Committee

  • Pat Lord, College, Division V
  • Alan Brown, College
  • Doug Beets, School of Business
  • Jack Wilkerson, School of Business (alternate)
  • Mark Knudson, School of Medicine
  • Kevin Jung, School of Divinity
  • Lauren Corbett, ZSR Library
  • Sarah Jeong, ZSR Library (alternate)
  • Tanya Marsh, School of Law


  • Lisa Kiang, College, Division IV
  • Ajay Patel, School of Business
  • James Harper, Z. Smith Reynolds
  • Sonia Crandall, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Neal Walls, School of Divinity
  • David Ornelles, School of Medicine
  • Tanya Marsh, School of Law

The Global Advisory Council

  • Lauren Corbett, Director of Resource Services, ZSR Library
  • Kline Harrison, Associate Vice President/Associate Provost for Global Affairs
  • Penny Rue, Vice President, Campus Life
  • Dick Schneider, Associate Dean of International Affairs/Professor of Law
  • Avinash Shetty, Associate Dean, Office of Global Health; School of Medicine
  • Leigh Stanfield, Executive Director of Global Engagement and Administration
  • Ian Taplin, Professor, Sociology
  • David Taylor, Assistant Dean for Global Away
  • Amy Wallis, Professor of Practice/ Director Global Instruction, School of Business
  • Neal Walls, Associate Professor, School of Divinity

The Institutional Review Board

  • John V. Petrocelli, Chair, Psychology
  • Anna Cianci, Vice-Chair, School of Business
  • Sherri Lawson Clark, Anthropology
  • Donal Mulcahy, Education
  • Pat Nixon, Health and Exercise Science
  • Peter Brubaker, Health and Exercise Science
  • Jacqueline Friedman, Learning Assistance Center
  • Eranda Jaywickreme (Alternate), Psychology
  • E.J. Masicampo, Psychology
  • Pam Moser, Research & Sponsored Programs
  • Lisa Bohrer, Unaffiliated Member
  • Thomas Dowling, ZSR Library

The Information Technology Executive Committee

  • Rogan Kersh, Provost
  • Hof Milam, Administration
  • Mur Muchane, Information Systems
  • Gordon McCray, Business (Chair)
  • Tim Pyatt, ZSR Library
  • Tim Snyder, Advancement
  • Chris Knott, Law School
  • Tony Marsh, College
  • Emily Neese, Administration
  • Brian Calhoun, Chair of CIT
  • John Owen, Chair of ITPC

IT Partners’ Council

  • Tim Snyder, University Advancement
  • Janet Williams, Financial Services
  • Randy Casstevens, Athletics
  • Carmen Canales, Human Resources
  • Harold Pace, Assistant Provost and Registrar
  • Andrea Bohn, Campus Life
  • Mur Muchane, Chief Information Officer
  • John Owen, Business School
  • Keith Bonin, Associate Provost for Research and Scholarly Inquiry
  • Ellen Murphy, Instructional Technologies and Design

The Professional Development Center Advisory Board

  • Shaun Elliot
  • Bridget Marrs
  • Annelda McGinn
  • Bridget Clancy
  • Kris Shelton
  • Kristi Verbeke
  • Amy Willard
  • Tracy Mills-Howell
  • Wesley Todd

The Research Advisory Council

  • Patrick Toner, Philosophy
  • Susan Harlan, English
  • Chanchal Dadlani, Art
  • Justin Esarey, Politics and International Relations
  • Mike Gross, Engineering
  • Andrew Verstein, School of Law
  • John Senior, Divinity School
  • Oana Jurchesu, Graduate School (Physics)
  • Tom Canace, School of Business
  • Sarah Jeong, ZSR
  • Sophie Leruth, Fellow

Retirement Plan Committee

  • Carmen Canales
  • Hugh Howards
  • Hof Milam
  • Omari Simmons
  • Michelle Steward
  • Johnny Trevino
  • Janet Williams
  • Sarah Wojcik-Gross

University Space Allocation Committee

  • Ken Basch, Executive Director, Wake Forest Properties
  • Andrea Bohn, Associate Vice President, Campus Life
  • Laura Giovanelli, Assistant Teaching Professor of English and Assistant Dean for Learning Spaces in the College
  • Matt Grau, Director of Capital Projects
  • Beth Hoagland, Assistant Provost for Budget & Planning
  • Sarah Mason, Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Harold Pace, Assistant Provost & University Registrar
  • John Shenette, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus Services

University Finance Advisory Committee

  • Hof Milam, Executive Vice President
  • Rogan Kersh, Provost
  • Mark Knudson, President, Faculty Senate (2019-2020)
  • Wilson Parker, School of Law
  • Chair, Resources Committee (Faculty Senate)
  • Representative, Graduate School/College
  • Representative, Professional Schools
  • Staff Advisory Council, President
  • Staff Advisory Council, Vice President
  • Mellie Mesfin, SG President
  • Andrew Wilson, SG Treasurer