Faculty-Student Engagement

As a collegiate university dedicated to the education and mentoring of its students, Wake Forest University promotes and fosters exceptional faculty-student engagement.  The dedicated teacher-scholars on the faculty at Wake Forest take this commitment seriously and thrive on their engagement with students.  The Office of the Provost supports such engagement through the following programs.

The Faculty-Student Engagement Fund

The Faculty-Student Engagement Fund reimburses faculty members who host undergraduate students outside the classroom. All members of the undergraduate faculties may be reimbursed up to $125 per class or $8 per student, whichever is less. Lower division advisers may also use this program to treat their advisees once per semester. To access the Faculty-Student Engagement Fund: After your event, create an expense in Workday. Use cost center 500005 with worktag U00607. Provide in the memo field the name of the class, the class number, and the number of students that attended this event. We will approve up to $125/class or $8/student, whichever is less. If you paid with your university p-card and the expense exceeds this amount, you must either indicate a second funding source for the overage or reimburse the university. If you paid with personal funds, you should only enter the maximum allowed ($125/class or $8/student) in the “total amount requested” field in the “create expense” process in Workday. If you have questions, you may contact Barbara Meredith in the Provost’s Office at (336-758-3142).

The Provost’s Faculty-Student Lunch Program

Faculty eating lunch with undergraduate students on the meal plan may dine for free in the Fresh Food Company and the Magnolia Room.  In order to participate, faculty should present a completed Lunch Program Coupon to the dining venue cashier.  Questions about the program should be directed to Barbara Meredith at merediba@wfu.edu or 336.758.3142.